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Sunday, November 6, 2016


I've been busy since my last post, to say the least.  So many projects, so many changes.  The biggest change for me is that I have gone back to school.  I'm studying Graphic Design and Photography.  I'm so excited about it!  But that also means that being away from blogging isn't just a temporary thing.  My life and my interests and ambitions are taking me in another direction.  After such a long lull in posting, I doubt I have much of a readership left, but I wanted to post this nonetheless.  I am excited to be working towards launching my new business and website, hopefully in late spring.  I'll definitely post about that when it comes.  But this is the end of this blog.  I'll never take it down, it's too precious to me, but I won't be actively posting.  I'll always be a DIYer, I'm the DIY Kinda Girl, after all!  But blogging about that aspect of my life is no longer where I want to spend my time.

As a final project send off, I thought I post this little video of the fireplace we completed in March.  One of my favorite projects yet!

Love to you all!
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