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About Me

Heather.  Wife of a sports addict attorney.  Stay-at-home mom to four little ones.  College graduate.  Seamstress.  Avid reader.  Jewelry maker.  Amateur Graphic Designer.  Would-be Interior Decorator.  Comfortable with power tools.  Loves to buy books.  Mamarazzi.  Could eat sushi everyday.  Addicted to traveling.  Secretly dreams of writing books.  Coke over Pepsi.  Digital scrapbooker.  Overestimates skills on a very consistent basis. Generally has too many interests and hobbies!

I've dabbled in crafts and interior design all my life. As a little girl, my grandma would give me art and craft supplies for every holiday. I used to check out books of home plans from the library, and draw up design plans with pages from the Sears catalog and old magazines. I always dreamed of the day I would have a home of my own to decorate!

Fast foward many many years, and I found myself a brand-new mom with a husband in his first year of law school and 800 miles from home and family. Post partum depression hit me hard, and I turned to crafting as a creative outlet. I made jewelry, cards, fabric flowers, crochet, and other various items. I even opened an Etsy shop for awhile, until my second baby came. Creating for me was fulfilling and healing. My husband graduated from law school over six years ago now (hallelujah!) and we bought our first house over five years ago! I get to fulfill my dream of fixing up and decorating my own home.

I originally started this blog as a companion to my Etsy shop.  Running a successful Etsy shop takes a tremendous amount of work, and once I had my second baby...it just wasn't going to work anymore.

So this blog is now my personal space for a few of my favorite things: books, sewing projects, home decor, gift ideas, and digital scrapbooking, to name a few.  I still like to do giveaways just for fun, so stick around for those too!

I've had the question asked....why don't you have comments on your blog?  Well, the answer has a couple parts to it.  One, I could never keep up with responding to the comments and even trying was causing me to neglect far more important things....but I felt bad if I didn't respond!  Two, I found myself spending far too much time checking for comments every time I put up a new post.  Apparently adults need positive reinforcement just as much as kids do.  :)  I miss the comments.  I really do.  I miss knowing that someone is out there, and finding out what they think.  But it's better for my family life this way, and my family has to be my priority.
HOWEVER!!!!  Feel free to contact me any time at diykindagirl@hotmail.com or hop over to my Facebook page and leave me a comment or message there.  I'll do my best to get back to you promptly.
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