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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Two years ago today, we closed on our house!  As I am fond of saying, you know those things in life that you've built up in your mind and then when they actually happen, you find out they are kind of overrated?
Being a homeowner is not one of those things!
We recently had some family visit for the first time, and we took them around our house.  My mom and grandma kept piping up to tell them all about the things we have done to our house, and I realized....wow, we have accomplished a lot!  So often, I just see everything I still want to do, rather than how far we've come.  Just for kicks, here is what we have done in the past two years:
- Painted the entire main floor
- Redid our kitchen cabinets....twice.  (Stripping and restaining, and then painting.)
- Painted the front door red and the garage doors black
- Built raised garden boxes
- Built and installed gallery shelves and a gallery wall (post still coming)
 - Painted and stenciled bathroom, painted faucet and other hardware
- Created a super cool new room for my son (post still coming)
- Built a very cute daybed for my daughter (post still coming!)
- Installed flooring and finished off sheetrock in the cold storage room we are making into a craft room
- Built and installed lower cabinets, moved outlets up and installed countertops in the craft room
Now, of course, the things we still want to do:
- Finish building and install the upper cabinets for my craft room
- Build cabinet doors and drawer fronts
- Install new french door for my craft room
- Paint the basement
- Plant shade trees and fruit trees in our barren backyard
- Build a pergola and pour a patio
- Build the kids a play structure
- Plant lilac bushes and honeysuckle in the front yard
- Take out part of one of the pantries and build a desk
- Pantry organization (shelves, drawers, etc.)
- Build a wall cabinet for our bathroom
- Build a closet organizer for our room
- Build a headboard for our room
- Finish decorating my older daughter's new room
- Decorate my baby girl's room
- Build cabinets for toy storage the play area
- Build cabinets for electric fireplace and storage in the basement family room
- Build closet out of odd useless nook at the bottom of the stairs
- Build front porch furniture
- Replace the all flooring on the main floor
- Recover thrift store ottoman
The list could probably go on, but that will do for now!  :)  Stay tuned as I tackle as many of these projects as I can in the coming year!
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