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Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

I'm sitting at my kitchen as I type this, the sliding glass door open in back of me.  A light breeze and the sounds of the lawn mower drifting in.  Ah, the sounds of spring.  I love it.
Today has been a day focused on the exterior of our home rather than the interior.  (Though I have made significant progress on the crown moulding....more on that later.)  We had this odd wavy garden in our backyard that we've spent the day ripping out, tilling up and laying down grass seed over.
My son "helping" his dad toss grass clippings.  You plant the grass seed, water it and then lightly cover it with grass clippings.  It helps keep it moist and protected.  What, you didn't know that?  Well, that makes two of us.  Bless my father-in-law for coming to help us!

I definitely want a garden, but one that is a little more...functional, shall we say.  So I'll be building raised beds over at the other end of the yard in the next couple weeks.  I'm looking forward to spending time fixing up the outside to our liking.  I have some grand plans for curb appeal.  More about that in the coming weeks.
I did do one thing inside the house today, however.  I went to JoAnn to take advantage of the last day of their sales, and picked up some outdoor canvas to make pillows for my couch.  Outdoor canvas+children=good idea.
Anyway, my son is crying.  Gotta run.  Pictures of the kitchen should be up by the end of next week.  For real this time!
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