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Friday, March 7, 2014

This Week's Reads 3/7

Let me just tell you, I am exhausted.  I've spent the week removing the dirt from my old garden box (a big long one, 25 x 2 feet), raking through it by hand to remove all the weeds and grass roots that grew in when I basically abandoned it two years ago (I blame pregnancy and a newborn), and digging out the sod where my new garden boxes are going (two 4 X 6 foot boxes.  Same square footage, better configuration for my yard).  I still need to built a rough sieve from chicken wire and the wood from the old box to sift the dirt through as I fill the boxes up.  Lots of work.  Moral of the story:  don't let your garden boxes get horrifyingly overgrown.
ANY-way, my point is I didn't have a lot of reading time again this week.  Only one book to report on.

This House is Haunted by John Boyne
You know those books that upon reading the last page and closing, you said "Wow," out loud?  (Or maybe I just do that.)  This was one of those.  Spoiler alert: it's about a haunting.  ;)  It started out sounding a little Jane Eyre-ish...a governess heading off, almost on a whim, to an unknown and mysterious place.  The similarity mostly ended there however.  I really enjoyed this.  Captivating.  So interesting it may cause you to ignore your children.  And the ending!  Wow.  :)  Worth reading!
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