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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stripping cabinets is fun to do.

NOT.  We just closed on our new house Thursday, got the keys Friday, and starting working yesterday.  Thank heavens Sunday is a day of rest for us.  I was a wee bit exhausted and discouraged.  We didn't really buy a fixer upper.  We just want to restain the kitchen cabinets and add hardware, and paint almost the entire main floor.  We have a bunch of other projects too, but they all qualify as weekend projects to be tackled once we move in. Lemme tell ya, restaining kitchen cabinets (and painting the entire main floor, for that matter) ain't a weekend project.  Not that I thought it was, but I was really hoping to move in this Saturday.  Sigh.
I was in bed, trying to get to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow and get to work again...but my brain wouldn't shut off.  All I can think about is what I need to do, what I want to do (eventually) in the house....etc.  So I thought I may as well get up and blog.
Moral of the story:  talk to ya later!  I do have upcoming blog post topics planned, but I won't be getting to them until after we have finished this undertaking and moved in (and gotten the internet wired and connected in what will soon be my craft room).  So stay tuned.  And see you in a couple weeks.  Posts to look forward to: before and afters of my kitchen; getting started with digital scrapping (it's coming, Nat, I promise!), a few decor posts, and (drumroll) giveaways to celebrate moving into our new home.  Until then.....TTFN.
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