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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Digging in the dirt.

My son would be jealous.
This soggy barren flowerbed represents an afternoon of hard work, planting 129 bulbs.
I don't think I really like gardening (this IS my first house, remember, so I'm not totally sure).  But I do like flowers.  Hence planting bulbs.  I love the idea that I can plant these babies once, and every spring they will bloom, for years to come.  Genius.  If that doesn't prove divine design, I don't know what does!  (I think I'm so funny.)
Anyway, despite the fact that I was bent over digging in the dirt so my back hurts now, it was a lovely day for it. Overcast, but dry.  Comfortably cool.  I even enjoyed the smell of the dirt...well, at least until I unearthed what looked suspiciously like cat poop on the verge of petrification.  Not quite petrified (though it held its shape remarkably well) since there was a bit of a...smell......
Moving on, there is a reason we ripped out all our shrubs and garden beds and seeded everything.  I don't want to garden.  And looking at my little rectangle, I was kinda thinking that was too much!  But it's done now.  I'll be on the look out for other perennials come spring.  Any recommendations?
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