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Friday, July 19, 2013

This Week's Reads 7/19

Okay, so truthfully, I don't have time to write good book reviews.  I just don't.  (Which is why the "book reviews" I've posted in the past....aren't really book reviews...just what I have to write for the Blogging for Books program!)  But I love to read, and I read a lot.  Especially since I'm nursing, I have to sit down multiple times a day, so I read while baby eats!
So my new idea is a weekly (I hope) post on what I'm reading this week.  No book reviews.  Just a little blurb for a few reads of the week.
So here goes.

I've been reading Ree Drummond's blog for a few years, and meaning to catch her Food Network show, but I never have.  Until my husband went out of town this week and I discovered it can be streamed through Amazon Prime.  Yeah, I've watched 9 episodes in the last two days.  Anyway, this inspired me to check out her two cookbooks from the library and pre-order her newest one.  Everything she makes looks amazing.  I cannot, however, cook like she does everyday.  For one, my husband is not a cattle rancher, he's a lawyer.  Still a hard worker, but not the of the variety that ends in burning off thousands of calories and creating rock hard muscles (sorry if you're reading this, hon, though I highly doubt it).  For two, lots of her recipes include things I'm trying to cut out of our diet as completely as possible!  That being said, nothing wrong with an occasional decadent indulgence!!!!

Glimmer of Hope by Sarah M. Eden
A Regency era romance.  Honestly, I didn't love this one.  Which I found shocking because I've adored all Sarah Eden's books.  This one just felt too rushed to me.  Too many issues, too much territory to cover, and not enough pages.  Highly recommend all her other books though!

Wow.  Where to start.  I'm still in the middle of this one, so I'm not offering final conclusions, but I will say I think this is more than worth reading.  I picked it up because I have been so interested in improving my family's health and eating habits.  The research done to figure out how to get the consumer begging for more is...almost sickening.  What is in processed food IS sickening.  There's also a lot of history of the industry.  It has been fascinating to read about how these convenience foods came about.  Above all, however, I like that this book is written by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who details all his sources in an extensive Notes section and Bibliography.  I'm the kind of person who is very picky about sources.  There is just so much "information" out there, it can be difficult to know what to believe and what to take with a grain of salt.  If primary sources are not provided, I'm going to take it with a grain of salt.  This, however, I can take seriously.
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