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Friday, February 21, 2014

This Week's Reads 2/21

This was supposed to go up yesterday....oh well!  Let's just pretend the date on the post is actually the date it went up, shall we?
Another busy week, so I only read one book.

My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly
This was a really emotional book for me.  And captivating.  Which is why I found myself at 5 o' clock in the morning sitting in my family, the world dark outside, sobbing my heart out.  (I suppose I should explain that I have insomnia issues and never sleep through the night...and I typically get up to have a snack, so I started reading at around 3 AM....)  Anyway, this is a good book.  It is set in a mining camp in central Utah in late 1899 and early 1900.  The tragic part of the story is that on May 1st 1900, that mining camp experienced what the worst disaster to that point in history: somewhere between 200 and 246 men and boys were killed.  The novel covers the months leading up to the mine disaster and a couple days immediately following.  I got attached to these characters, and then many of them died, leaving behind wives and children.  But what's more of course, is that this really happened.  So tragic.  But such a good read.
It is a LDS novel, but the cultural references aren't so many that it would be hard to understand if you aren't a Mormon.
Definitely worth reading.

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