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Monday, February 3, 2014

3 year House-iversary!

My house right before the sun came over the mountains this morning
3 years.
This is officially the longest we have spent in any one place since we've been married.  It's actually been kind of a strange feeling.  I can feel a little itch to move on to a new adventure.  But we are settled, so I need to seek for new adventures right here at home!  That's another story for another day, however, so back to the House-iversary!

We didn't get as much accomplished this year as I would have liked.  Let's just say I greatly underestimated the amount of crazy a third child would introduce into my life.  :)
In the last year, we:

Planted two shade trees and four fruit trees in our backyard (Autumn Blaze maples, a Granny Smith, a Honeycrisp, a Bing and a Rainier).
Built a big sandbox and the base of the rest of our play structure
Built a closet organizer in our closet

And....that's it.  But let's not forget folks, I did have a new baby.  And I did lots of non-house related projects, including two weddings!!!  (B&H and A&B)

Hopefully this year will be better.  I have a mountain of goals, but in the hope of keeping them realistic, here is what I really want done this year:

Build wall cabinets for bathrooms
Build jewelry cabinet for my room
Take out part of one pantry and build a desk
Pantry organization
Finish building and installing upper cabinets in my craft room!!!
Install french door on my craft room (gotta keep my wily 13 month old out!)
Paint the basement
Paint the guest room
Build two headboards
Build two nightstands
Sew curtains for each bedroom
Add deck, playhouse and slide to the sandbox/play structure base
Plant peach trees
Plant lilac bushes
Rip out shrubs that I hate in the front yard

That is kind of a lot, huh.  Ah well, better to aim for the stars and miss than aim for a cow pie and hit it.  Wish me luck!!!!

And I'll be back later in the week with the baby shower I threw over the weekend, so y'all come on back, ya hear?  ;)

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