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Friday, September 20, 2013

This Week's Reads 9/20

Another busy week!  You'd be SO proud of me.  Guess what I did this week?  I cleaned out this room:
Except this photo is really old.  The room looked MUCH MUCH MUCH worse.  The boxes were all half-unpacked, and random extra furniture shoved in.  You could barely see the floor.  Literally (and yes, that is the proper use of that word, not an exaggeration...does that bug anyone else?!).  But I had a beloved friend coming to stay, so I needed to clean it out and claim my guest room!  And now it's really quite a lovely room!  :)
So that was my week.  By evening, however, I was so exhausted and a little overwhelmed, so I just crashed on the couch with a book.  So here we go with this week's reads!

Deadly Patterns by Melissa Bourbon
Number three in the Magical Dressmaking series.  Loved it.  Love the series!

A Custom-Fit Crime by Melissa Bourbon
Number four, again, loved it!  Mystery without gore, likeable characters, little bit of romance.  It's great.

My Sweetheartby Shannon Guymon
This is the final book in the Love and Dessert trilogy.  It's not my favorite of the three (I think I like number two (I Belong With You) the best.  This is tied with number one (You Belong With Me), which is a Kindle freebie right now, so snap it up you Kindle owners!  Anyway, it's just fun.  Romantic, kinda dramatic, and of course, a happy ending.  I love Shannon Guymon when I need that type of book, she always delivers.
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