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Monday, May 9, 2011

And moving on....

Happy Monday to everyone.  And I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day as well!  I had a lovely day myself.

So now that the kitchen is done, and my posts on the process are done, it's time to move on!!!!  HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!  Up next: painting all eight of my very large bookshelves.
These are laminate, so painting them is a bit trickier, but IT CAN BE DONE.  I'll tell you all about it, don't worry.  I'm also ripping off the backs and replacing them with bead board, then painting and glazing the whole she-bang.  Oh, and for the two bookshelves that have cabinets on the lower half, I bought new hardware to replace the hideous knobs they have at present.
And then once those are done, I can start decorating my house!  We have nothing on the walls.  How depressing and dull is that?!

Anyway, also on tap this week: making a job chart for my 3 year old, upcycling a couple of their clothes, and designing a new swim skirt for me (if I get around to sewing it as well, great, but let's not set ourselves up for failure, eh?).
I'll let you know how the progress goes!  Have a fantabulous Monday!
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