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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Envelope Pillows Tutorial

I am in love with the idea of envelope pillows.  It's brilliant.  Pillows you can remove the cover from to easily wash, or fold up and stick in the linen closet to make way for next season's pillows.  Plus they are super de duper easy to make.
When JoAnn had their outdoor canvas on sale 50% off a few weeks ago, I went and picked out a couple patterns I liked for this project.  I opted for outdoor canvas for my indoor pillows for two reasons.  1) I want things to look nice, but I believe in function over form.  2) I have kids.  'Nuff said.
For my first couple pillows, I chose 20" square pillow forms (by the way, JoAnn's pillow forms are 40% off this week).  These instructions will go with that, but the concept is easily adapted to another pillow size.

You need:
20" pillow form
2/3 yard fabric (mine was 54" since it is a decorator fabric...if yours is not, you may need more)

1) You may choose to pre-wash your fabric (make sure you check the care instructions for your fabric).  I usually do, but forgot this time around.  Then iron (be careful not to shrink or scorch, especially if you use outdoor canvas or any delicate fabric).
2) Cut out a 21"x21" square (20 inches plus an additional inch to allow a half inch seam all the way around), and two 21"x13" rectangles (again, half inch seam, plus enough fabric for the layers to overlap, forming an envelope).
3) On the 21"x13" rectangles, fold over the longest end 1/2" and iron.
4) Fold the 1/2" you just ironed over and iron it in place again, then pin.  This hides the raw edge.
5) Sew 1/2" fold-over into place, close to the edge.
6) Pin 21"x13" pieces to the 21"x21" square, right sides together.  The finished edges you just sewed should be overlapping to form the envelope.
7) Sew all around, using a half inch seam and reinforcing at corners and over edges of envelope.
8) Clip the corners.
9) Turn inside out, press if desired.  Put on your pillow form!
Voila!  All done! Now you can embellish them however you want!
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