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Friday, February 3, 2012

One Year....

One year ago today, we closed on our house.
Our very first house.  Hard to believe it's been that long!
In that year we have:
- Ripped out shrubs, a tree, and a weird heart shaped strawberry patch from our front yard (and removed the original owners' attempt at xeriscaping...wheelbarrows full of ROCKS!!! and leveled the dirt mounds left behind)
- Ripped out a huge garden from our backyard
- Planted grass seed in everything we tore out
- Pruned back the trees
- Painted the front door red, and the garage doors black
- Put up board and batten shutters and a planter box we built ourselves
- Painted the entire main floor
- Stripped, sanded and restained our kitchen cabinets (and upstairs bathroom cabinets while we were at it...) and added hardware and crown molding
- Painted the banister and installed a gate
- Painted my big ole laminate bookshelves
- Built and hung gallery shelves for the living room (post will be forthcoming)
- Built and painted all kinds of things for a big gallery/collage wall for the family room (post will be forthcoming)
- Revamped the main bathroom
- Vented in heat to begin the transformation of mostly finished cold storage to completely finished craft room (post will be forthcoming)
- Finished off the last little bit of needed sheetrock in my craft room (post will be forthcoming)
- Painted my craft room (post will be forthcoming)
- Put down laminate wood flooring in my craft room (post will be forthcoming)
Along with lots of other smaller projects!  It's been a busy year...and I have still more grand plans for this house!
(I'm just a tad excited about it...)
Stay tuned!

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